ABRASIVE:  Black Walnut shell abrasive is used to blast clean and polish soft metals, fiberglass, wood, plastics and stone.  It works as a deburring and deflashing product for moldings, castings, and electrical parts.  This is an efficient soft abrasive when used to tumble and polish gun casings, jewelry, ink pens and metal parts-and can also be used to prepare surfaces and equipment for painting.  In some applications, because of its resistance to breakdown, Black Walnut shell abrasive can be reused many times, reducing costs.

COSMETICS:  Ground Black Walnut shell is used in soaps, cosmetics and dental cleansers, where a safe, natural, soft grit abrasive is required-to smooth and exfoliate rough skin or to polish dentures.

LOST CIRCULATION MATERIAL:  The oil drilling industry uses Black Walnut shell as a key ingredient in making and maintaining seals in fracture zones and unconsolidated formations.

FILTRATION:  Black Walnut shell also serves as an environmentally safe and effective filtration media when separating crude oil from water.

FILLERS & EXTENDERS:  The dynamite industry uses ground Black Walnut shell as a filler in dynamite.  Walnut shell flour is used as a filler and adhesive ingredient in the manufacture of plywood-and as a filler mixed with resins to create cold castings.

Advantages of Black Walnut Shell for Industrial Uses


  • Cleans precision parts without scratching, pitting or changes in dimensions
  • No additional fitting or machining required


  • Resists rupture and deformation
  • Limited breakdown per use; can be reclaimed/reused


  • No flammable solvents needed
  • Natural and dust free
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable


  • Easy to use
  • No drying time required