Black Walnuts have a bold and rich flavor but they don’t crack open easily like English walnuts.  It is hard work and our best advice is to let us do it for you.  But for those who enjoy the challenge, here are some helpful hints to get the nutmeat out and into your favorite recipes:

Gather the nuts after they fall during late autumn.  Pick them up by hand or by using our “Nut Wizard,” a handy nut-gathering tool.  The Nut Wizard has a long handle with a barrel-like end that, when rolled over black walnuts, picks them up like magic!

Spread the nuts onto pavement after gathering them and run over them with your car ‘till the hull is pulled off.  The nuts are covered with a greenish outer hull that should be removed so the nutmeat isn’t spoiled.  While in your vehicle, make sure to rev the engine and pretend you’re in a monster truck crushing cars and not black walnuts.  This does not help in any way but can be entertaining for kids and confuses the squirrels.

Spread the nuts on a screen in a covered area with good ventilation.  A carport works well.  This dries the nuts and makes cracking much easier and cleaner.

Crack the nuts with a hammer or strong nutcracker.  Watch for flying shell pieces!  To ease this tiresome and messy process we sell a large steel nutcracker designed for cracking black walnuts.  Great for all kinds of nuts as well, this cracker is freestanding and easy to use.

Pick out the nutmeat using a nut hook or other device.  It is difficult but worth it, kind of like digging for buried nutty treasure.

To order a Nut Wizard or Nutcracker, or skip all this process and get some work-free black walnuts, visit our Nut Emporium.
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