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Crop Update

October 17, 2014


The Black Walnut Harvest is in full swing!

For the past 2 weeks, the harvest has been building as nuts have fallen progressively from trees in the 11 state buying region. Despite several inches of rain over much of that time, nearly 6 million pounds have been delivered at 215 hulling stations. Now, the weather has cleared and most nuts have fallen. So with beautiful days forecast over the entire area, we expect to see the pace increase.

Thousands of people will be out in yards and pastures, picking up the "cash" lying on the ground and sharing the experiences with friends and relatives. Many will participate in the Black Walnut Harvest for the first time, while others will continue a tradition. All will build lasting memories!

It appears likely that the harvest will total around 20 million pounds as projected. It could be a little more as buying continues through November 3rd. That will be enough to assure customers continued availability through 2015 of bold-flavored Black Walnut nutmeats, and also ground nut shells for industrial uses.

Stay tuned for weekly crop updates throughout October as Black Walnut Harvest 2014 continues!