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Crop Update

August 18, 2014


            Black Walnut Harvest 2014 is coming! 

            Our survey teams have been out looking at trees and lining up hulling stations all across 11 states, from Kansas to Kentucky, Iowa to Tennessee.  It looks like a decent “off year” crop is shaping up, which is welcome news.  After last year’s 30 million pounds, we expected this year to be down, and it is.  But the trees in parts of Missouri are showing a fair amount of nuts, so we think the harvest could be just a little below average – maybe around 20 million pounds.

            We still could use some rain to help finish filling the nuts, with buying set to begin about the time the first nuts start to fall – October 1.  In the meantime, thousands of people across the 11 states will be looking at the trees and planning to harvest the cash that’s sure to fall to the ground this fall.

            Plan to be part of it in just a few weeks!