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Crop Update

November 22, 2013

                 Black Walnut Harvest 2013 is just about over.  And we’re thankful that it’s been a good one.  About 29 million pounds of wild Black Walnuts were harvested in 10 states, as people picked up the “cash” on the ground and delivered the nuts to 214 hulling stations.  That’s a big improvement from last year’s short crop of 6 ½ million pounds, and also above average. 

            Although the nuts stayed on the trees about 2 weeks longer than usual, there were still enough nice days in late October / early November that the harvest ended up pretty well.  This will provide plenty of nuts to keep our plant and workers busy throughout the coming year.  It also means there will be enough Black Walnut nutmeats and ground nut shells for customers to support their growing needs.

            Thanks to all those who were a part of a memorable harvest this year!