How We Process step-by-step

When the inshell nuts arrive at Hammons, they are cleaned, then dried.

Black Walnut shells are extremely hard, so we must use nutcrackers unique to the Black Walnut industry.  The nuts are run between large steel wheels that crack the shells.

Then they pass through another series of rollers with saw-like teeth that separate the nutmeats from the shells.

Once separated from their shells, the nut kernels are graded into various sizes.  Latest-technology electronic sorting machines remove any remaining shell pieces or discolored kernels.

Finally, a trained inspector makes a visual inspection, to ensure that the final product meets Hammons` high quality standards.  Only then are the nutmeats boxed, sealed, and sterilized to meet quality specifications.  Producing the highest quality Black Walnuts in the world is a Hammons tradition that brings you the best product.